Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sex Positivity, Feminism and Health Implications- By: Deirdre O'Donnell

I attended a lecture held at the RIC dining hall. The speaker was Deirdre O'Donnell, a 2013 RIC graduate. She received her degree in Women's Studies. She is continuing school at BU currently for her masters degree. She has experience working with suicide prevention, sexual health, and the pleasure institution.

The main issues that Deirdre addressed included...
 Feminism: social, political, economical, and equal aspects of sexes
Social Justice
Libertarianism vs. Interventionalist Politics
Health Policy & Law- the ACA- Affordable Care Act
Sex Positivity

Public Health Research

Deirdre brought up facts and statistics about the United States that I never heard before, actually she brought up many things I had never heard before that I found pretty interesting. I learned many new things from O'Donnell but I also was able to make connections to many of the authors we have discussed in FNED.

One of the authors that O'Donnell's ideas reflected was Grinner and her term SCWAAMP. SCWAAMP is a model that represents all of of the ideal norms and values in society. For example, some favored norms in our society are straightness- and maleness, which O'Donnell addressed. After the connection I made with Grinner I realized the similarities that August has to the topic. O'Donnell's ideas relate to August because she introduced the term LGBT and emphasized the significance of understanding the term. She also discussed the issue that are present in society because people do not understand the term LGBT. Lastly, Lisa Delpit can be compared to Deirdre O'Donnell's discussion. O'Donnell brought up women's rights and the issue of society's perception of  women's roles. Her arguments were spot on, they were extremely relevant to Delpit's "rules and codes of power". In society males are seen as having the most power. O'Donnell pointed out that too often in society women are being disrespected.

Comments/ Points to Share: I really enjoyed this lecture it addressed topics that I find really important especially as a woman. These topics are sometimes uncomfortable to talk about but Deirdre made it fun and interesting. She had a great sense of humor I would definitely recommend her lecture!

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