Sunday, January 31, 2016

"U.S.A., Land of Limitations?" By: Nicholas Kristof


America, the "land of opportunity" "lack of opportunity" would be more fitting. 
I really enjoyed Kristof's article, "U.S.A., Land of Limitations?". The authors argument is basically the idea that where we end up, as far as society and class, is a reflection of our up bringing. 

In other words, we are a product of our environment. It is unlikely that someone who was raised in poverty will make it to middle class in the future. Yes, it could happen but Kristof emphasizes that it is rare. Today, living in America is heavily reliant on opportunity. I agree with Kristof's argument, it is completely unfair. I loved his quote, "Some think success is all about "choices" and "personal responsibility."  He continued, "Yes those are real, but it's so much more complicated than that." (pg.4) Society today is so quick to judge, and make assumptions based on each others status. I think as a society we are neglecting to look deeper into the issue. The amount of money an individual has should not define their level of success. The man Rick Goff that Kristof describes is a perfect example. 

Another point I found significant while reading was when Kristof quoted Professor Reardon. He stated, "Rich kids make a lot of bad choices, they just don't come with the same sort of consequences." (pg. 4) I think this quote is extremely meaningful. For example, a rich kid getting caught stealing can easily afford a good lawyer to help get him out of trouble. A poor kid without a lawyer is likely to receive a harsher punishment. Kristof made a valid point, we were once referred to as the "land of opportunity" its now 2016 and that reference has definitely become irrelevant. Its the truth, the presidential candidates should be debating this issue. 

Questions/ Points to Share: 
I can't help but relate Kristof's article to education. The issue of the lack of opportunity reflects students, primarily those who are living in poverty. If a student is raised in poverty and their parents had a bad experience in school due to their lack of opportunity, they are likely to have negative views of school and are  likely to have a discouraging attitudes towards school. As a result their child will pick up the same attitude about school. Educators need to be made more aware of this problem. Starting here in Rhode Island would be a great start. 
This is a picture from the summer of my siblings and I with our mom!  
I have a huge family! This is a picture of my Dad, Stepmom, and all my siblings. I have 3 siblings and 3 step siblings. 

This is my absolutely adorable cousin mason and I <3 
This is Seamus my super lazy dog!

Mason is 4 now, My mom and I started taking care of him when he was 6 months old. He lives with us part time. He has become a huge part of my life :)
This is my boyfriend and I at the Taylor Swift concert this summer, it was amazing!!
Over winter break I went up to my friends house in Maine. We snow-shoed on a golf course behind the house! I love this picture because it actually looks like we are on mountain! It was so beautiful!

Not great quality but another pic I snapped at the Tay Swift concert! Im a tad obsessed with her...

I have not always loved to run but this summer I got into it. I ran a 5 miler and ended up winning first place in my age group! This is my cousin and I after the race.

This is a pic from a 5k I ran this fall, I also won for my age group! Running has become a hobby of mine:)
My favorite place in the world is probably the beach laying in the sun. My family goes to Cape Cod for a week every summer. My best friend from school lives in Cape Cod so she came to visit me!